Thursday, April 3, 2008

22 carat gold and 916 hallmark

What is the difference between these two? Actually nothing at all. 22 carat gold is supposed to have 91.6% gold in it. Now the jewelers in India are advertising as if 916 is some thing better than 22 carat. There is a 916 stamp on the jewelery. But you can put that stamp on even 16 carat jewelery also.

Another funny thing is the quality of the gold brought from Gulf countries and USA compared with that of Indian gold. The 22 carat from Gulf countries and USA are much more colorful than that obtained here. The reason is obviously less gold in the jewelery. In Gulf countries if they bust tou for under carating, they will chop the hands off. And in USA, if caught, you will end up paying millions of dollars in fine. So the consumers get good quality stuff from there.

In an advertisement seen regularly in TV in Kerala, a famous actor is saying, "916 gold in any where in India is of the same quality". By saying "any where in India", they are accpting that the jewelery from out side of India is better quality.

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